How to optimize images for Retina and high density screens

A long time ago in a previous life, I sold and fixed computers. The specs were simpler,  resolutions reached 1024X768 on a 4X3 screen and the biggest hurdle was “ghosting” that you would get with a Passive Matrix Screen. Life was simple…

But those days are long gone and now that Apple has launched the Retina Display on their newly announced Macbook Pro with a Pixel density of 220 pixels per inch.  This is the first laptop to introduce a high PPI (Pixel Per Inch) count. The human eye from a normal viewing distance can’t even make out the pixels.  Same thing with the new iPad (264 ppi) and the iPhone (326ppi)…  In essence, Computers will quickly become resolution independent.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Scams!

Many of us have heard it before and are hearing it touted here in Barrie and the area. “We’ll submit your website to 2500 search engines” or “Guaranteed to be a top ranking website…”  Yeah? Um,  I don’t think so! They may not be “scams” to speak of, some people may actually be able to guarantee top placement for things like YOUR BUSINESS NAME but that’s pretty easy.

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Creative Cloud For Everyone!

Is Adobe attempting to move to the masses with their Creative Cloud?

I’ve been a user of Adobe products for over a decade now…  From After Effects and Premiere to Flash and Photoshop I’ve seen the products grow, morph, modify and silently been killed off *cough * cough, Director…

But now Adobe is playing with a new model.  A subscription based model. It looks like dropping $4k for Creative Suite master Collection is something that Adobe will stick with for a while, but they’re creating quite the incentive to make their offering “pay as you go.”

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