Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Scams!

Many of us have heard it before and are hearing it touted here in Barrie and the area. “We’ll submit your website to 2500 search engines” or “Guaranteed to be a top ranking website…”  Yeah? Um,  I don’t think so! They may not be “scams” to speak of, some people may actually be able to guarantee top placement for things like YOUR BUSINESS NAME but that’s pretty easy.

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Macbook 2012 Slim or Chunky?

There’s a ton of rumours floating around about the path of the Macbook pro. It seems almost certain that we’ll be seeing a retina like display and the new Ivy Bridge processors, but the verdict is still out whether the profile will be slick and thin, or if Apple will decide to go with a slightly smaller version but pump it full of Battery power for 15…20…30? hours of battery life?

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