The NHL, Anaheim Ducks and Science Discovery Center teamed up to create “The Science of Hockey” exhibit concept at the Santa Ana, California Discovery Center. With more than 100 hands-on science exhibits designed to spark children’s natural curiosity, Focality Interactive was selected to engage in a highly advanced Interactive exhibit – The Penalty Box”. Focality Interactive was an ideal choice due to our overwhelming experience utilizing touchscreen displays and Interactive exhibits which run reliably 24/7, 365 days of the year without fail.

The Challenge

  • Development of a full interactive exhibit off-site.
  • While Adobe Director is often the obvious choice to display Kiosks, due to touchscreen limitations with Adobe and Flash integration (the double-tap bug) alternative development technologies needed to be examined.

The Solution

  • An engaging, high-definition touch-screen experience the entire family could enjoy.
  • Industry standard technology utilizing multiple ELO touchscreen industrial strength display systems


Since the launch of the Discovery Center, millions of visitors have passed through the doors and interacted with our exhibit. Gary Bettman, Commissioner of the NHL, stated at the spring opening:

“We are delighted Discovery Science Center has used hockey to demonstrate science and math in an educational and entertaining way.”

We can say more,  but take a look at at to see the science center in action and visitor reactions!